Monday, November 12, 2007

NY Times on the Latin Mass revival

Read about reactions to Summorum Pontificum here. I am optimistic that the more my generation and younger is exposed to the solemn, prayerful beauty of the ancient form of the Mass, the more will flock to it. Just listen to the beautiful rendition of "Panis Angelicus" in this video and compare it to the insipid songs sung at your Sunday Mass. No comparison!
My daughter Gabbi, age 14, is training to be part of a Latin Mass Schola. This week they are learning the operatic "Veni Jesu, Amor Mi" by Cherubini. With that ethereal music, you can't help having your heart and soul lifted up to God!

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Jo said...

Yes, I think that the big shock is going to be how young people react to this form of the Mass. They are going to see that it's not just the same Mass being offered in a different language, and they are going to wonder why it's so different.

The guitar and tambourine crowd seemed dated to young people in the 90s, it's amazing that it still has such a hold on parish music to this day.

One of the funniest experiences I had was when my teenage son and I were on a short vacation, and I found a nearby parish called St. Gregory the Great. I actually joked and said, "Well, the music should be good...." We picked a Mass time that would work with the rest of our daily schedule and ended up at their Lifeteen Mass. It was not really in tune with my teen's taste.