Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why are our representatives afraid to tell pregnant mothers the truth?

The Fetal Pain Awareness Act couldn't garner the 2/3 vote it needed in the House of Representatives today, a last desperate act by pro-life legislators before the Party of Death takes over and NOTHING PRO-LIFE passes for 2 years. If you were disappointed in the lackluster performance of Republicans with regard to family issues, just wait till the Democrats take over. I hope I'm wrong, but their leadership has already bragged that nothing will be introduced.
Can someone explain to me what the Congress has against a woman knowing before she has an abortion that her unborn child, after 20 weeks gestation, may suffer excruciating pain? Just what happened to the First Amendment?!
Abortion is big business, and women are it's vicitms.
We have a lot to sacrifice and pray for this Advent.
'Darkness covers the land, and thick clouds cover the people'.


annie said...

How very right you are. What will it take to stop the horror of all that is going on in the world? I believe much more prayer is needed, most of all the rosary. But really only the coming of Jesus will stop it.

causa nostra laetitiae said...

We include the mothers and unborn babies in our prayers every night. We also pray for the conversion of politicians.