Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thou Art Peter, and Upon This Rock I Shall Build My Church


The Dover Beachcomber said...

It's interesting to hear some people say they would be Catholic but they can't stomach the idea of the Pope having the power that he does. Of course, most of these folks don't know what that power is, or how carefully it's defined. Usually, it turns out that doctrine's not the problem; obedience is.

It's an emotional reaction that fits so well with the contemporary American character. "No one's going to tell ME what to do!" might as well be designed into our coins right next to "In God We Trust."

causa nostra laetitiae said...

I'll always remember the line that Jeremy Irons delivered to Robert De Niro in the movie, "The Mission" when, as a new priest, De Niro's character challenged Irons, his Jesuit Superior, he put him in his place, saying, "we are not the members of a democracy, Father, we are members of an order".
Americans need to remember that the Church is not the US government.