Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Catholic Heroes: Monsignor James McDonald

The good news is our seminary rector, Msgr. James McDonald. He was my pastor, and the reason I moved to St. John's in Center Moriches, and though gone now 6 years, he has left a legacy in our parish. We still have First Saturday Devotions, 10 hours of Adoration on Thursdays with nearly continual group prayers for life and priestly vocations, and long lines in the confessionals.Is there any wonder that, under his able guidance, vocations are surging in this diocese?!National Catholic Register interviewed Monsignor this summer, and apty nicknamed him "the priestmaker".Bishop Murphy exercised excellent pastoral judgement in chosing Msgr. McDonald as seminary rector. I was at the Eucharist Youth Congress last summer when he called "Monsignor McDonald is the priest I most admire, he is a mixture of father and grandfather figure to all the youth of this diocese". Yes, I AM optimistic that this diocese is coming out of the woods!

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