Monday, December 18, 2006

Do you vaccinate your children?

I had an incident in 1997 which has caused me never to vaccinate again. Isabella, at her 6 month old baby visit received the DTP shot, as she has previously. The next morning, she had a high fever. This was not unusual, as it had happened at 3 months to her and at least three times to Gaby at that age, 106 degree temperature, and a hyperventilating baby. This time WAS different, however, because of the cough. Whooping cough. She coughed for three weeks, often vomiting, and had every symptom of what they had vaccinated her against.We spent Christmas Eve in the Emergency Room with 6 different doctors who wouldn't admit she had had a reaction to the shot. We paid $500 cash to be told, "she has a virus" and bather her in cool water ourselves.

Her pediatrician wouldn't give her the booster, but refused to admit she had had whooping cough. Later, I read the devastating book about the vaccine, "A Shot in the Dark" which described cases like Isabella, and the doctors' lockstep attitude of denial. One wonders how many cases of reaction to vaccines never get reported to the CDC or FDA. Anyway, the vaccine was changed to the Accellular Pertussis vaccine. Must have gotten enough complaints. I lost my faith in doctors forever.
Then, to make matters worse, I found out that many common vaccines use aborted fetal stem cells, which as a Catholic, I find immoral. Read this article, and make up your own mind about the issue, but know that Catholics DO have a basis for religious objection to the vaccine, and Children of God for Life provides one you can download.

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