Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Let disabled infants starve; Canadian Paediatric Society

In a media release, the Canadian Paediatric Society stated:
ANH [artificial nutrition and hydration] refers to nutrition or hydration that is delivered by artificial means, such as via a feeding tube or intravenously. Legal and ethics experts say there is no difference between withholding or withdrawing ANH versus other therapies that sustain or prolong life. The CPS makes clear that any decision should be based solely on the benefit to the child, while considering the child’s overall plan of care.
“Food and drink evoke deep emotional and psychological responses, and are associated with nurturing,” said Dr. Tsai. “But artificial nutrition and hydration is not about providing food and fluids through normal means of eating and drinking. It should be viewed the same as any other medical intervention, such as ventilatory support.”
Yes, the headline is right, now Canadian parents can give consent to let their disabled but otherwise healthy infant starve and dehydrate to death like Terri Schiavo. Less than a week ago, in this piece for Patheos,  I expressed fear that my daughter with Down syndrome would be refused medical treatment if I were not there to fight for her.
Now it seems that my nightmare coming true, bit by bit. First they dehydrate your child with your consent. Do you think it will be long before they justify doing it without your consent, or behind your back? It happened before, in Christ Hospital in Illinois.
Not surprisingly,  the media is silent on this abomination. 
  What's worse is that the American Association of Pediatricians agrees with this position.Peter Singer's 'bioethics" is actually a nighmarish reality. 

According to Life Site News;
The statement is similar to the statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Both statements approve the withholding or withdrawing of nutrition and hydration (fluids and food) from infants who may not be dying. 
It is most likely happening in a hospital near you.
What are you going to do about it?

Read the entire story on Life Site News.
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