Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is pre-natal screening and abortion a crime against humanity?

Mike Sullivan  an engineer from New Zealand says "Yes" and is going to prove it.He and his friends who have children with Down syndrome are incensed at the national health care's push for pre-natal screening for Down syndrome.Its about money, they say, having a child with Down syndrome is just too expensive. Isn't that what we fear in America with Obamacare?

Whangarei engineer Mike Sullivan, along with 19 other parents and Right to Life NZ, has applied to the Director of Human Rights Proceedings to represent them at the Human Rights Review Tribunal, on the grounds that screening discriminates against people with Down syndrome, is a crime against humanity and is in violation of the Crimes Act
If there were pre-natal testing for race it would be easy to see it as discrimination, and Sullivan is likening the common physical characteristics of those with Down syndrome to those of people of the same race. Dr Langdon Down believed it enough to call people with Down syndrome Mongoloids, because he thought they originated in Mongolia, because of their Asian-like eyes and flat  faces. 
Think about it, they are very similar genetically, have similar facial structure and similar physical and intellectual challenges.The only real difference between members of the same race and those with Down syndrome is that racial characteristics are passed on in a direct line, where Trisomy 21 usually appears randomly in the population. About five percent is inherited from the parents. 

 They are being sought out in a search-and-destroy program which is eugenic in nature, an attempt to cleanse society from undesirables. Very much like racism. So it IS a crime against humanity to seek out and kill
babies with Down syndrome because of their appearance or ability. 

Sullivan has a good point.
Think about it
Read the entire article here. 
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