Monday, April 11, 2011

Budget agreement saves 1,000 unborn babies a year!

We didn't get Planned Parenthood defunded. But it was trending on Twitter, which proves we had the attention of the public, it was discussed, even on CNN who tries to ignore abortion issues. It will be voted on in the Senate, giving Democrats and Republicans who claim they are pro-life to prove it. It will be a topic of discussiion, giving us a chance to win hearts and minds. Taking down 38 years of the abortion industry will be laborious, but I can see it accelerating, thanks be to God. Here is more reason for hope; we are already seeing reason to rejoice; saving 1,000 precious lives a year in our nation's capitol.

from the Susan B. Anthony List
 1,000 innocent, unborn children.

That’s the number of lives that are saved each year thanks to the Dornan Amendment, which prevents federal funding of abortion in the District of Columbia.

And in last night’s eleventh hour negotiations on the federal budget, our pro-life House leadership forced the radically pro-abortion Senate and the most pro-abortion president ever to concede on the Dornan amendment, which will save one thousand lives in the shadow of the Capitol building.

Leticia, I know you know the value of one life saved, and will join with me in celebrating all those children in Washington, D.C. that will be born as we all are: with a purpose.

And while we did not win everything, we cannot loose sight of this partial victory.

Like you, I am extremely disappointed that Planned Parenthood will continue to receive federal funding. But the debate these past few months since Lila Rose released undercover footage from an abortuary in Perth Amboy, NJ has dealt them a significant blow.

Planned Parenthood has been exposed. Their friendly “pro-woman” image has been shattered. Instead, they’re now seen for what they are: a billion-dollar business centered around abortion, a habitual and unapologetic ally of those who wish to exploit young girls.

It was thanks to your emails, phone calls, participation in pro-life vigils, and your conversations with family and friends that we came further than ever before in the fight to defund Planned Parenthood. And as this battle continues, we have a huge leg up thanks to you.

Our work, your work, the work of pro-life America isn’t done yet.

Your SBA List will not rest until Planned Parenthood is defunded and we will continue working with our pro-life leaders in the House to get the job done. We already have work ahead, including Congressional hearings on Planned Parenthood that will further expose them.

A debate and vote on defunding Planned Parenthood will come up very soon in the Senate. While we do not have enough votes for passage, this will allow us to put each and every Senator on record, especially those up for re-election in 2012. 

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