Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Santo Subito

According to Rocco Palmo over at Whispers in the Loggia, the way is clear for Pope John Paul II to be beatified. The miraculous cure of a French nun from Parkinson's disease has been proven inexplicable from a medical standpoint and thus miraculous. I find it particularly poignant that it was Parkinson's Disease which was cured, since the Holy Father suffered much from the same disease himself, yet God chose not to cure him. His death. coming on the heels of the dehydration death of Terri Schiavo was a lesson on how to treat the disabled in their vulnterability.
All that remains for the beatification process to continue is for Pope Benedict to approve it on Friday.
Does anyone out there see an obstacle there?
Santo Subito!

Now it's my turn to brag; I've seen two Blesseds in person: Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa,  and my family are distant relatives to Padre Pio (his great grandmother was Maddalena Crafa, from Pietrelcina where my grandfather,  Vincenzo Crafa immigrated at the turn of the 19th century, since its a tiny town its safe to assume we have family in common). This will not get me to heaven, I know, however, in the realm of Catholicism, its hero worship.I also had the honor of visiting St Frances Cabrini's tomb in NYC and hearing a talk from the daughter of St Gianna Berretta Molla. Whatever you say about the evil of the 20th century which was given to be tested by Satan, according to Pope Leo XIII, it certainly produced a bumper crop of saints.Where evil abounds, goodness abounds more so.
Aren't we fortunate to have been born at a time so greatly in need of saints? God must have great confidence in us! With Him, we can be the next saints the world so desperately needs.
Speaking of saints, another Servant of God, Dr Jerome Lejeune's cause for beatification was opened on June 28, 2007 and his daughter Clara Lejeune-Gaymard will be speaking on the intersection of his farith and science this Saturday at the New York Encounter in . I wlll try to record her talk and share it here, and have tried to ask EWTN to cover it.
We are surrounded by saints!

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