Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fruit of the 2010 election sweep; Good Governor Brownback

I saw it as a social worker and teacher in minority communities, single women abandoned by their 'baby's daddy' who surive on welfare checks that encourage this shameful and harmful trend which has destroyed milliions of lives. Not one of the teens I worked with in inner city GED programs even knew anyone who had ever been married. It was not part of their worldview, thanks to three or four generations of welfare.
Welfare programs have supported women and children ONLY IF the man has fled. These type of programs encourage immorality and child abandonment, according to a famous Democrat;
Sociologist (and later U.S. Senator from New York) Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned in the 1965 Moynihan Report that the welfare rules created by the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program were breaking down low-income black families.
Such programs had stipulations that welfare payments would be made to women with dependent children, only if the “Man [was] out of the house” – a clear discouragement for poor dependent women to get married to their partners. Moynihan stated that the breakdown of husband-wife-led families in the black community was blocking their upward economic and social mobility, keeping them in poverty.
Former Senator and now Governor Sam Brownback is aware of this trend and wants to fight this family destroying trend.
“Studies show a healthy, loving family unit benefits not only the parents but, more importantly, the children,” Brownback said. “We will work to remove disincentives to marriage, so more couples can marry without the fear of losing crucial state support during difficult financial times.”

Conservatives like Governor Brownback and Former Senator Santorum who wrote "It Takes a Family" know the Catholicteaching of the sanctity of the family and how a nannny state will only create problems, like juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, gang membership and incarceration. This is borne out by statistics yet it takes a good pro-life governor to have the courage to change the system which beats down families. We need to take care of abandoned women, of course, but we need to stop men from abandoning them first.

Read the entire article at Life Site News.

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