Monday, January 03, 2011

Breaking news: Republicans prepare two page repeal of Obamacare

Called the end to the "overturning of the job killing health care bill", it is the overturn of Obamacare.
Sen Schumer is already screaming that seniors will be abandoned. Horsefeathers, this is typical Democrat posturing to drum up opposition. It may not have enough votes to overcome Obama's veto, but its something that must be done. NOW.
Nice work, a good sign that the House is listening.
Plus the new governors, like Scott Walker of WI is authoring his AG to sue to say that the bill will go to the Supreme Court.
The battle has been joined. I wish them Godspeed.
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CF Mathews said...

Pregnancy centers in NYC are under attack from the "NYC Council Intro Bill 371-2010," which seeks to force these centers to advertise what they don't do, assist with contraception and post signs if a dr is not present. Penalties are severe, including imprisonment. Similar bills are being introduced elsewhere in the country. Please see my blog for further details and appropriate links, including a link to the petition against this bill. You do not need to live in NYC to sign the petition. Please note, action on this is time-sensitive. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

Politicians only care themselves. Don't let them do this to our country. We don't need Obamacare. Join the only REAL repeal petition.