Friday, September 24, 2010

Women terrorized by Chinese One Child Policy for 30 years

from Bradley Mattes, Life Issues Instittute

Imagine being fined – three, even four times your annual income – for having a baby a year too soon. Imagine having to raise your second child in secret. Imagine fearing a simple walk through town, knowing, at any moment, you might be plucked from the street, thrown into a truck, and forced to watch your unborn baby die. Now imagine that’s reality. Because for millions of families, it is.
This week marks the 30th anniversary of China ’s mandatory one-child policy. Incidentally, this week we’re also filming an emotional round of interviews on the topic for an upcoming episode of Facing Life Head-On. One researcher told us that seeing the saddened faces of women who had been forced into abortions they did not want – some as late as eight and nine months into the pregnancy – not only broke his heart but changed his views on abortion, too.
The very number of those saddened faces is staggering. In America , we’ve lost about 50 million babies since abortion became legal in 1973. In far less time, the Chinese people have suffered some 400 million abortions. (That’s more than the entire population of the United States !) Is it any wonder then that China also has the highest female suicide rate in the world? That’s certainly no coincidence.
Incredible suffering persists for those families. Sadly, we are not just allowing it to happen; we are paying for it. Millions of US dollars go to the United Nations Family Planning Fund, a group closely linked to carrying out the communist government’s coercive policies. Years ago, thanks to the courage of pro-life leaders, the US stopped sending money to groups promoting abortions – and certainly those loathsome enough to insist on forced abortions, sterilization and infanticide. But with the swipe of a pen, President Obama wasted no time in allowing those funds to freely flow once again. This is blood on our hands.
Ironically, so-called "pro-choice" organizations are remaining deadly silent as millions of women are forced to have abortions. But Americans can no longer ignore the responsibility we share in this global loss. That’s why our team is working hard to educate political leaders about the tragedy of abortion, both in the US and beyond.

Ultimately, population control advocates messed up their math. It’s not the number of babies born that is the problem. It’s each baby killed, each man and woman coerced, and each US dollar paying for the terror that is one too many. Until that stops, we certainly won’t. Please join us. Together, we’ll save lives all around the world.

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Anonymous said...

i am very intersted in this subject and have a page of it of my own. i think it is shocking, and beng prolife, i am even more saddend about it it is not only an act of abortion, but is FORCED and is also VIOLENCE against women over there. And is ruining the boys in every way.