Thursday, September 23, 2010

Republican Contract to include social issues

Thank you Rep Mike Pence (R, IN) for insisting that support for traditional marriage and a statement against federal funding of abortion be included in this election campaign. These issues were NOT included in the highlly successful 1994 "Contract with America", but thanks to Mike Pence, and the Tea Party, the GOP is recalling who puts them in office.
Phyllis Schlafly reminds us in World Net Daily (link here ) of why leaving behind the social issues is bad for America in more ways than one.
The fiscal conservatives who argue that only money issues should be part of political debate should face the reality that social issues are the chief purpose of President Obama's big-spending bills. The decline in marriage and the increase in illegitimate births (41 percent last year of all U.S. births) are the principal cause of the growth of the welfare state.

Federal taxpayers are now providing some or all the living expenses for 40 percent of Americans through means-tested handouts, mostly to the unmarried. This is the actuality of Obama's boast to Joe the Plumber to spread the wealth around.

The Obama Democrats know which side their bread is buttered on: 70 percent of unmarried women voted for Obama in 2008, and Obama's strategists want to increase that number. They even put a marriage penalty in Obamacare.
But still, as Catholics, our main concern is for souls, not money.
 Read about NJ Governor Chris Christie who has allowed his faith to detemine his actions as govenernor. This is commentary is from Barb Kralis,
Roman Catholic Gov. Christie is the first Republican to win a statewide election in N.J. in 12 years! Christie chose not to move his wife and 4 kiddos into the official governor's mansion but remain in their original Mendham, N.J. home. He was a top Fund Raiser and a political adviser for Geo. W. Bush's 2000 Presidential campaign. Christi's history/record for successful convictions of public corruption persons is unprecedented - 130 wins without losing a single case. He is a bulldog. He is the bain of the ACLU, which hates his authorizing warrantless cellphone tracking of 79 people, all leading to convictions of criminal liberals. Boo hoo hoo.
"I am pro-life. Hearing the strong heartbeat of my unborn daughter 14 years ago at 13 weeks gestation had a profound effect on me and my beliefs." He favors restrictions on abortion such as banning the procedure popularly known as partial-birth abortion, requiring parental notification, and imposing a 24-hour waiting period.
Christie Veto Shuts Down Abortion Clinics in NJ, National Review Online

It is possible that Planned Parenthood will go banckrupt in New Jersey thanks to this new Catholic Republican governor.

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PattyinCT said...

Amen! I know many couples my age with children who refuse to get married as they will lose their social services. They'd rather stay unmarried, live together, and collect from the state. Morality loses big time when those who are not strong in Faith are penalized for "doing the right thing".

To me, this statement from the GOP is more relevant than the victory for our military against radical homosexual activists. Not that the win wasn't major, but this is a defining moment for the GOP, and I'm glad they're beginning to recognize the concerns of their electorate.