Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VA AG will hold abortionsists to same health standards as hospitals

It's an absolute travesty that the most common operation in the US, the abortion is the least regulated. In most states, abortion mills are not held to any sort of health standard, and the so called doctors who perform them are not regularly checked for valid medical licenses.
Now the Attorney General of Virginia will hold the states' clinics to the same standard as other medical facilities, and soon the pro-aborts will he heard howling "unfair"! Their protests will reveal the ugly truth; abotion is an industry which demeans women, not a service to women,as they like to pretend. If abortion were a service to women there would be pro-abortion leaders making sure the clinics were the cleanest in the nation.
However, abortion advocates are protesting the attorney general’s opinion, arguing that if most abortion clinics carried out the same standards of care for women that are mandated at hospitals they soon would be out of business.

According to the Washington Post, abortion advocates predict that only four out of 21 abortion clinics would be able to fulfill that standard of care if mandated by the state Board of Health. The rest would be shut down
So, if so called women's advocates know this, why weren't they the first ones shouting for these dumps to be shut down? Because its all about money.
The good news is that AG Cucinelli said that the definition of abortion clinic as an outpatient hospital, making them comply with hospital standards, has been upheld in Federal Court. This could spell the death knell for thousands of abortion mills accross the nation, and a new era of abortion as truly "safe, legal and RARE".

Read the entire story at Life Site News.
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