Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tide is turning against Obama

Since Catholics formed a circular firing squad and helped Obama pass the disasterous health care legislation which even Max Baucus admits he never read, I have been depressed.
 I kept asking myself, "How could this happen to the United States? How could we wilingly surrender our most precious freedoms to an inefficient, wicked government leader, which has no heart for the weakest among us?" President Obama, unlike the rest of Congress, said he would not have passed a bill to save Terri Schiavo, and he voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. How could this immoral man be the leader of the free world?"
Well, it seems something positive has been happening among my fellow Americans, reason has been dawning and new polls find that they are realizing what a mistake it was to elect Obama and his cronies. Citizen Link says that:
Rasmussen Reports released two significant polls – on stem-cell research and health care – that help quantify America’s growing distrust of President Obama, the U.S. Congress and the intrusion of the federal government – especially when it includes using taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

Both polls show a colossal disconnect between the views of Americans and of those whom they elected to public office – or what Rasmussen dubs as the “political class.”

Case in point: While 57 percent of Americans oppose taxpayer-funded embryonic stem-cell research, 73 percent of the political class strongly supports it. Nearly 80 percent of political class does not want to repeal Obama’s health care law, while 58 percent of Americans voters are in favor of its repeal.

This diconnect between Obama's clones and real Americans they pledged to represent, but in reality don't respect or represent, portends well for the coming election. We are poised for a major sea change, and a possible Republican takeover of both houses of Congress. Nancy Pelois, according to a political scientist from University of Buffalo, will be handing over her gavel to Republicans in January.

Will that mean significant changes, however? It depends; as Mark Levin said last night on his show, can we trust the Republican leadership to do what we want when we put them back in charge of the government?
We want health care repealed, embryonic stem cell research, gay marriage AND abortion ended. Got it?

A recent poll showed 42% of Americans consider themselves conservative, more than twice the number who call themselves liberal. The liberal experiment sounded good, but Americans are learning that without a strong famliy, society unravels, and no government program; welfare, health care, etc can weave it together again.
What God has joined, no man must seperate.

Read the entire article on Citizen Link website.

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PattyinCT said...

Both parties leave me depressed to be honest with you. I can't fathom 4 more years of B.O., but I can't find a leader amongst my own party. It seems like even conservatives are becoming more divided as time goes on, and social conservatives are being left more and more in the cold. I'm tired of voting for a politician on lip service. If you're against abortion, I want you to end it, not limit it. If you're against same sex marriage, then don't allow it to become the law of the land, protect traditional marriage, and preserve our society. Don't just talk at me to get my vote and then do whatever you want. If you're not a conservative, don't lie to me to get my vote...
Ugh! What a dark time for our beloved nation...Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us!