Tuesday, August 03, 2010

No First Amendment rights for pro-lifers

It used to be that public prayer was protected by our Constitution. But now, under President Obama, two silent abortion protesters, David Avignone, and Joe Holland were arrested for praying the rosary outside a prominent abortion mill in Chicago,
"This arrest was about one thing: trying to scare pro-life people away from Planned Parenthood," said Peter Breen, executive director and legal counsel for the Thomas More Society.

This is not an isolated case, however, but it seems to be part of an intentional campaign to silence protests over abortion.
Recently  Rev Pat Mahoney  had been arrested in June for praying near a Planned Parenthood abortion mill, in Washington DC, but the charges were dropped. According to his attorney they were bogus. He was praying on the sidewalk, which Planned Parenthood has tried to claim as private property, thus the trumped up charges were 'Unlawful entry'.
This is in direct violation of their First Amendment Rights.
IF we don't make noise now, we will be silenced too,
Read the entire story here.
Watch the video below, these men were arrested for "Disorderly conduct". They are standing still and quietly praying, they didn't even talk to people entering the abortion mill, as they are rudely blocked by a so called 'escort',


Anonymous said...

Pitiful. Fascism.

A Philosophical Nerd said...

Even though our leaders (read: dictators) still claim we live in a country that allows us any number of freedoms, it is becoming more and more hostile to morality. There is no scientific reason to allow abortions to continue, and the only reason Roe and Doe won their case was because Roe and Doe were coerced into it (they are both strong pro-life advocates now), and the entire case was based on lies and completely bogus information. Yet our courts don't care and they'll continue to allow the atrocity to continue.