Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Nazis and the New York Times know how to destroy of their harshest critic; The Catholic Church

Heres's the formula;
 if the Church uses her worldwide pulpit to point our your genocidal activity (death camps, abortion, assisted suicide) and you need to silence her, just fabricate a 'new' scandal. Use a typs of sex which is against the law, which will really scandalize 'em back home. Use the terrible cases of a few pedophile or homosexual priests who abuse children as your hook, unearth ancient facts and present them as breaking news, and bam, you got yourself a scandal to silence the Church. Then, you have a media blitz, and your cohorts in politics will craft appropriate legislation to punish the Church while protecting everyone else, and those in charge of the Culture of Death will reap the benefits.
According to this article in MercatorNet, Hitler had a media (propaganda) specialist, Joseph Goebbels, whose job was to provide not only cover for genocide, but polish Der Fuhrer's image, and recruit for the cause. Sound famliar? There are several news outlets which conduct what Bernie Goldberg called "ASlobbering Love Affair with the curent administration, which is bent upon forcing ordinary Americans to pay for the murder of the unborn and infirm under Obamacare.
The Nazis response to Pope Pius XI's "Mit brennender Sorge" a severe criticsm of the Nazis was the fabrication of a moral panic over a priestly pedophilia. These so called scandals cost the Church millions, but more importantly, lower the Church's credibility when the Pope criticizes the regime. After all, that was the goal of the 'scandal'.
Can you blame Pope Pius XII for taking a more cautious route, and hiding millions of Jews in convents, schools and even the Vatican?
The expression “moral panic” was only coined by sociologists in the 1970s to identify a social alarm created artificially, by amplifying real facts and exaggerating their numbers through statistical folklore, as well as “discovering” and presenting as “new” events which in reality are already known and which date to the past. There are real events at the base of the panic, but their number is systematically distorted.

Even without the benefit of modern sociology, Goebbels responded to the encyclical Mit brennender Sorge in 1937 with a textbook case of the creation of a moral panic.
No one is more outraged by abuse of minors and its cover up than I, but I don't see the use of getting the public worked up about 50 year old cases in which the perpetrator and most of his victims are dead.
And I'm not fooled by the timing of this 'crisis' which occurred just when aCatholics were THE lynchpin in deciding the fate of Obamacare.
I just can't help but notice that a common author of this formula of scandal is the same enemy who rejoices in the loss of souls due to genocide, AND pedophilia.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."
Ephesians 6:12 (New International Version)

Read the entire article at .MercatorNet

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