Monday, April 05, 2010

Purging homosexuality from the Church is the only way to true reform

The Legionaries of Christ have made a painful confession of the sins of their founder Fr Marciel, and I pray that from this day they may begin anew to discover their charism and purify what has been sullied through the tragic sins of their founder.I pray for them.
 The rest of the Church will never fully recover from the priestly scandals until they face up to the scandal of homosexuality in the priesthood. The evidence is overwhelming, the crisis was a homosexual one, and no true purification will take place until this is acknowleged. Men with disordered sexuality have no place in the priesthood, they need our compassion and our prayers, but the Church needs to return to the practice of ordaining only chaste heterosexual men. Our seminaries were overtaken by a homosexual culture, which invaded the liturgy, the catechesis and Catholic schools. Michael Rose's book, "Goodbye Good Men" does an excellent job of explaining the depth and breadth of this crisis, I have no desire to do it here, and risk lawsuits. Let me simply say that the allegations in the book in my former diocese were true, and that the 'safe environments' program  continues to deny that so called pedophilia is a homosexual problem.
Dr Bill Donohue agrees.
Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on two news stories released today by the Associated Press:
One of the AP stories on priestly sexual abuse admits that "The overwhelming majority of the victims were adolescents. That means very few guilty priests were pedophiles, a term mental health professionals reserve for those who target pre-pubescent children." Fine. But then it says something which is positively remarkable: "Even though about 80 percent of victims were boys, the John Jay researchers and other experts on sex offenders say it does not mean the perpetrators were gay." So what would they be? Heterosexual?
The AP article relied on the extraordinary remark by Margaret Smith, a professor who worked on the John Jay study. She said that while Donohue "quoted the study's data correctly," I nonetheless "drew an unwarranted conclusion." What? That most of the molesters have been gay? Here is what she said: "The majority of the abusive acts were homosexual in nature. That participation in homosexual acts is not the same as sexual identity as a gay man." So if two men sodomize each other, no one really knows if this qualifies as gay sex. Now I must admit that when I was studying for my doctorate in sociology at NYU, they never taught me such logic.
Both AP stories say the reason why there were so many male victims is because the priests did not have access to girls as altar servers. Nonsense. There have been girl altar servers in some U.S. dioceses since 1983, and almost everywhere since 1994. The statistics actually show that the more priests have access to girls, the less likely it is for girls to be abused.
Here's the tally. As reported in 2004, between 1950 and 2002, 81 percent of the victims were male; in 2005, it stayed the same; in 2006, it dropped to 80 percent; in 2007, it climbed to 82 percent; in 2008, it jumped to 84 percent; and in 2009, it stayed at 84 percent.

In other words, even though priests have less access to males, homosexual priests are molesting them at a higher rate. It's time to end the gay cover-up once and for all.

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PattyinCT said...

I argued about this in our Diocesan Newspaper once. I was livid that one would throw homosexual activity and pedophilia in the same pot. I still tend to think that there is a vast difference in both, and the similarity is glaring: they are both disordered sexual natures.
But what's to be done? It's only been in the last decade that the Vatican released their statement on homosexuality in the Priesthood, and that Homosexual men were not allowed to take the cloth. Having understood more fully the relationship between Christ, His Church, and His disciples, I understand this construct. But what's to be done for the men already in the Church? Homosexual Priests? Can we deny the validity of their Holy Orders based on their sexual orientation?
It's a tough time!

Leticia said...

Patty, I am not saying that homosexually oriented priests are not validly ordained, I am just reminding my readers that it was deemed, way back in the early 60's when these things began to be discussed, that it was unwise to ordain such men who would live with men, and encounter such temptation.
To any homosexuallly oriented priests who are fighting their disorder and living their vowes of chastity, God bless them.

Anonymous said...

If you sincerely believe that the Church ever had a "practice of ordaining only chaste heterosexual men," you are truly naive. Ever read the prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

Father Maricel's scandal involves the three children he fathered with his mistress. Sounds heterosexual to me.