Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The culture of tweens is backing off

It has long been known that the sexualization of our culture is driven by materialism, making money from the so-called tweens, from, age 8 to adolescence, a big marketing group. What this means is that companies are trying to market the same goods that teenagers buy, lip gloss, I-pods,DVDs,  thongs, and padded bras to little girls. YES I said padded bras.
But now, thanks to the heat the Catholic Church is suffering for 50 year old abuse cases, a Brittish store is re-thinking the wisdom of selling padded kiddie bras. Seems they don't want to be labelled pedophiles. Someone should have told them only the Catholic Church can be labelled with that name. There is NO statute of limitation for public schools who abuse children, in fact, in Connecticut, they can't even be sued. They can and do abuse children with impunity. The Shakeshaft Report underlines the indisputable fact that public school teachers are ten times more likely to abuse children, and the media spiked the story. And now, the CT Legislature wants to open up the statute of limitations beyond the 48 years for church abuse cases stretching back 50, 60, or 70 years. Just for priest abuse cases.
No worries, go ahead and sell kiddie bras, you are safe from the P-word.
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