Saturday, May 01, 2010

Miami laymen have Vatican fire bishop

In the midst of the priestly scandal a few years ago, a devout friend reminded me that every time Holy Mother Church is deeply mired in scandal, it was laymen who cleaned up the mess and set her straight. This is the case in Miami, where a lay group Christifidelis, sent the Vatican a detailed report on how a gay cabal of priests was running the archdiocese. The Vatican verified that it was true, and retired Archbishop Favola early. He is being replaced by more consevative Orlando bishop Wenski.
Good work, faithful sons of the Church! If more lay groups would do this, we could truly clean up from the scandal. Right now all that has been done in the US is put sex abuse programs in place which teach little children to protect themselves. How about removing those priests whose immoral behavior give scandal to the faithful and endanger innocent children? How about starting with homosexual priests whom the John Jay Study said are responsible for 90% of the sex abuse, with adolescent boys?
Until the American Church makes sweeping changes, the Vatican will only be able to react to crises like that in Miami. No wonder Fr Cutie was allowed to live in sin with a woman, causing scandal,  the hierachy of his diocese was too steeped in sodomy to care.
That lawsuit served as the launchpad for the investigations during which Christifidelis gathered the information that it included in its lengthy report submitted to the Vatican.

Giunta says that after the group submitted its report on the alleged corruption in the Miami archdiocese, Baroussa, “was contacted by a Vatican monsignor, who met with her in person and assured her that the Holy See would be investigating each and every one of the allegations presented in the report.” He adds that in the fall of 2006, “this monsignor contacted her again, informing her that our allegations had all been vindicated, and that Rome was going to act on the report.”

If you have a diocese like Miami, take action, send a report to the Vatican and clean it up, the souls of many are at stake!

Read the story here.

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