Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Censorship in Norfold Va schools

Try and deny the horrors of slavery or the Holocaust and this would be the MSM headlines. But when two educators gave children in elementary school a small fetal model and described the developing baby in the womb (not abortion just fetal development) they were dismissed. A simple anatomy lesson. PLanned Parenthood gives extremely offensive and graphic anatomy lessons funded by our tax dollars. and no one complains.
What is wrong with children seeing these adorable little baby dolls? We had one for years and Bella used to play with him. We called him "Freddie the fetus". I remember at the Baptism of the daughter of  a large Catholic family, Bella was feeding "Freddie" a cup of milk. A pro-abort woman who was bellyaching about the size of the family who had Baptized their child, observed her and fell silent. And a little child shall lead them. .
What bothers me in this story is the parents reaction to the fetus being shown to their children. If you took a look at the graphic sex and violence they probably permit their children to watch on TV, this fetus is  completely innocuous. Maybe they are post abortive and have guilty consciences.
Parents and other officials at Oakwood Elementary School met for a closed meeting on the matter and were quoted by the Virginian-Pilot expressing disgust at the "human fetus dolls" given to third, fourth, and fifth-grade students, and calling them "entirely inappropriate and unacceptable." Oakwood spokeswoman Elizabeth Thiel Mather told the paper Thursday that the baby figurines were not authorized by the division as instructional materials.

Board member Kirk Houston Sr. reportedly called the tiny models, "Very life like, and it's a pro-life tool," and said that board members were "all pretty dumbfounded" at their distribution.

"As a parent, I choose to teach my children about those things later in life," said one parent. "I did not sign a waiver for my daughter to be given a fetus."

We are approaching a police state, where the truth is suppressed, unless we raise protest over this incident.
Read the entire story at Life Site News.

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