Monday, September 28, 2009

Urgent call to action; keep abortion out of health care

from Americans United for Life Action
Tomorrow is an important day in health care reform for pro-life America. The U.S. Senate Finance Committee will continue mark up of Sen. Baucus’s health care bill. Currently, Sen. Baucus’s bill allows qualified health plans to provide coverage for all abortions and mandates that at least one plan in each state exchange provide coverage of all abortions. Thankfully, we have another chance to protect and defend life in health care reform.
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has filed several amendments that would prevent government funding for abortion and would protect current conscience laws for health workers.
Here are the pro-life amendments being considered for a vote tomorrow (for a more detailed explanation, please go to the AUL blog):
Hatch Amdt. #C14 (355): Prohibits authorized or appropriated federal funds under this bill from being used for elective abortions and plans that cover such abortions.
Hatch Amdt. #C13 (354): Protection for the right of conscience.
Hatch Amdt. #C12 (353): Prohibits federal funds under this bill from being used to pay for assisted suicide and offers conscience protections to providers or plans refusing to offer assisted suicide services.
Please CALL the Finance Committee Senators today and urge them to support Sen. Hatch’s amendments to exclude abortion funding & protect conscience rights for health workers:
MAX BAUCUS, MT (202) 224-2651
JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV, WV (202) 224-6472
KENT CONRAD, ND (202) 224-2043
JEFF BINGAMAN, NM (202) 224-5521
JOHN F. KERRY, MA (202) 224-2742
BLANCHE L. LINCOLN, AR (202) 224-4843
RON WYDEN, OR (202) 224-5244
CHARLES E. SCHUMER, NY (202) 224-6542
DEBBIE STABENOW, MI (202) 224-4822
MARIA CANTWELL, WA (202) 224-3441
BILL NELSON, FL (202) 224-5274
ROBERT MENENDEZ, NJ (202) 224-4744
THOMAS CARPER, DE (202) 224-2441
CHUCK GRASSLEY, IA (202) 224-3744
ORRIN G. HATCH, UT (Sponsor of Amendments) (202) 224-5251
OLYMPIA J. SNOWE, ME (202) 224-5344
JON KYL, AZ (202) 224-4521
JIM BUNNING, KY (202) 224-4343
MIKE CRAPO, ID (202) 224-6142
PAT ROBERTS, KS (202) 224-4774
JOHN ENSIGN, NV (202) 224-6244
MIKE ENZI, WY (202) 224-3424
JOHN CORNYN, TX (202) 224-2934

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