Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Town Hall Strategy of the Left

Obama's minions will be out in force at the Rep Joe Courtney Town Hall tomorrow night in Montville, CT. Here's an email I received about the left's recruitment of union members. I know this from experience as a member of the AFT American Federation of Teachers who called me on election day telling me to vote for Bill Clinton. I told them I resented being told who to vote for, and found my voting rights had been suspended when I arrived at the polls. Accident?
Well, I was too shy to fight then, but now I have a little girl who won't be given health care under Obamacare, so watch out for momma tiger defending her cub.

Here's the email;
"Tomorrow’s Courtney Town Hall is looking to be just another “Show”…the unions are calling members to attend and show support for HR 3200 and Courtney…I have had emails sent to me and received phone calls…they are planning to shout, any of us who speak out, down…I just received an email with a two page print out of the signs they want people to bring in to the “Show”. I was sent a video tape of an HCAN organizer telling people what to do to shut us up. (see YouTube below)
Here are a few samplings:
“A friend of mine just received a call from the AFL-CIO to attend the meeting tomorrow. Union is out in force I see.”

Here's a recruitment email to a union member.
J --
I wanted to send you an urgent invitation to an important health care town hall with Rep. Joe Courtney this Wednesday, September 2nd.
He'll be talking to constituents and gathering feedback.
Whether you ask a question or show your support with a sign, attending this town hall is a powerful way to show where you stand and thank those in Congress who are fighting for reform.
I hope you can join us. Here are the details:
What: Health Care Town Hall with Rep. Joe Courtney

Where: Montville High School
800 Old Colchester Rd.
Montville, CT 06382

When: Wednesday, September 2nd
Arrival Time: 5:30 p.m. note that they are getting there early to fill up the front seats.
Start Time: 6:30 p.m.

Here's a training video for the George Soros Group.

HT American Thinker

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Adrienne said...

Thanks for visiting me today. I linked to this post. Excellent! Can't wait to hear what happens...

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Ooooo, I can't wait to hear! I'll be praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Is that Joy Behar, the bomb thrower on The View TV show, in the sunglasses taking lessons on how to disrupt the speech of ordinary Americans at Town Hall meetings? Sure looks like her.