Thursday, September 10, 2009

More on Rep Courtney's Town Hall

Fellow blogger over at Exultet, who goes by Mike in CT has written a more detailed post than mine on the Town Hall Meeting of our Congressman Joe Courtney on September 2.
Go on over and get a different yet fair take on what he calls the shell game the Dems are playing with the health care plan.

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Mike in CT said...

Thanks for the link! There is far more bad than good in this bill.

It seems like they put 50 of their favorite pet projects into it, so when they take 4 of them out, they can seem to be bi-partisan. But I suspect with the way things are worded, even what they may take out is not really taken out.

Anonymous said...

A pro-life activist was shot and killed this morning in Owosso, Michigan. Here's the link. Let's see how the main stream media covers this story. (The victim was identified as an "anti-abortion activist," so that's not a promising start.)

Please pray for the victim (name not given).

Anonymous said...

The name of the pro-life activist who was murdered today is James Pouillon.

In the local paper they ran a story about his arrest record in connection with the story about his murder listing every incidence. When pro-abortion doctors are murdered, does the paper EVER run their arrest records? Shameful "journalism."

Daria Novak said...

I am an RC conservative Republican running against Joe Courtney for US Congress in CT's 2nd District.

I have attended meetings, healthcare forums, etc. and listened to Joe Courtney. He is not telling us the full story. If this healthcare package passes Congress, it will destroy not help our lives.

We have to protect the Sanctity of Life -- our young and old. I have talked to people all around the 2nd District. This race is winnable if I can get the word out. Please help me stop the extremism in Washington. I spent 10 years in Washington working for the State Dept, some of that at a Presidential appointee under Ronald Reagan. Although this is my first time running for office, politics is not new to me. I have owned a small business and tuaght in CT universities. I am a very principled individual who wants to serve you. Right now I already have a lot of grass roots support and a good base on which to build my campaign.

I stayed the course when working in Washington before but left in 2001 to raise my children in CT. I grew up here and like the family values in this community.

Today I can no longer sit by knowing I have the skillset to do this job while Cong. Courtney and others in Washington destroy what I believe in. With my family's uspport I have made the decision to take on the liberal, anti-life establishment, but I need your to do it.

PLEASE join my campaign and help me stop the Democratic healthplan and retire Joe Courtney. My web site is My tel number is on the site if you want to speak directly with me.

My positions are on my web site. I am not hiding my beliefs to make it convenient for my campaign. We have to stand strong. I am told by polling types that this race is quickly moving in my direction. This month is critical for fundraising as the federal reporting quarter ends in 2 weeks. PLEase consider suporting a strong candidate who supports life. Thank You. Daria Novak

Leticia said...

Daria, you sound like my kind of candidate, I'll call you to set up a meeting after I get back from DC. Watch me live at the "Healthcare for Gunner" press conference Tues Sept 15 at 10AM.We should be on all the cable news outlets.