Thursday, September 10, 2009

Denying health care to the disabled

Sarah Palin has made her fears known about whether Obamacare will cover her son Trig in her Wall Street Journal piece. Deacon Fournier has a piece in Catholic Online about another Sarah whose child was denied health care and died under the British Health System.
"She is not the only woman named Sarah whose words fed my serious reservations today. The other woman is named Sarah Capewell. Her tragic story of the loss of her little son made me even more cautious over where some of the alleged “Health Care Reform” plans may be headed. I read an article in the “UK Daily Mail”, entitled 'Doctors told me it was against the rules to save my premature baby'. It was written by Vanessa Allen and Andrew Levy. It detailed the horrific failed plight of Sarah Capewell to save her own child from Government Health care rationing in the U.K. She lost her son Jayden due to the decision of the NHS, the Health Care System in Great Britain - a system similar to what some have proposed for the United States of America - to let him die, for economic reasons. They had also refused to treat her in her efforts, while she was pregnant, to prolong his time in her womb and slow an early birth. Over economic concerns and alleged efficiency they refused any attempts to save Jaydon. "
Read the entire story at Catholic Online.
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