Monday, August 03, 2009

Congressman Bishop has a rowdy Town Hall Meeting on Long Island

Read about the rowdy dissenters at Congressman Bishop's Town Hall Meeting on Reuters.

I wonder if any of my friends from Long Island were there.

I have a tradition of making Catholic Congressman Bishop uncomfortable in Town Meetings when it comes to life issues. And at Mass when he received communion at Sacred Hearts in Southampton after voting for Partial Birth Abortion. Read about it here. Notice the 'anonymous' comments from either him or his employees.
Bishop has refused to meet with his constituents since this meeting in the video below.
"There is no point in meeting with my constituents and (to) listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation," he said."
Read the entire story on UPI.

He doesn't deserve a 'happy' meeting till he stops killing babies, either though abortion or denial of health care. I'm arranging a meeting with Cong Joe Courtney up here in CT to make sure the health plan which would deny Christina and my mother with Stage 4 cancer their treatment.

Hope you will join me. Drop a comment here if you do, I'd love to hear your stories.


OperationCounterstrike said...

The thing to understand about these rowdy disruptors is (as Rachel Maddow documented thoroughly) that they are being organized and funded by right-wing lobbying groups funded largely by health-care companies which fear that President Obama's plan will stop them from cherry-picking healthy patients and denying their customers' claims, FOR PROFIT.

Rachel showed a memo from one of these lobbying/political-activism firms, describing how the disruptors should be trained to behave during the event. Interrupt, shout, chant, etc. "The goal is to rattle the speaker." NOT to make a political point. NOT to engage in free speech, but to SHUT DOWN those who do, by using mob-tactics.

Leticia said...

I staged a protest at one of Tim Bishops town hall meetings. It consisted of myself and my toddler who was targeted by partial birth abortion.
No one trained me, no one controlled my actions, and Tim Bishop was completely floored. Apparently it was a rare occurance in liberal Long Island.
Rachel Madow is a left wing hack, and you believe her show, proving you've drunk the Obama koolaide as well.
Democrats always defend the free speech of pornographers, but then when conservatives want to exercise their First Amendment rights, they make up 'vast right-wing conspiracies'.
No one believed Hillary when she tried that. Why is Rachel Madow using it; oh yeah, she thinks conservatives are Neanderthals without memories.

Leticia said...

Nice profile pic. Friend of yours?

Anonymous said...

Since when is it wrong to protest? The left did it for 8 years while President Bush was in office. So now when a group of like-minded people protest (regardless of how they got there)it should be ignored? Operation Counterstrike...change your name to Operation CounterIntelligence because what you exhibit in your posts certainly can't be called "intelligence."

Anonymous said...

who was targeted by partial birth abortion.

who exactly targeted your toddler for partial birth abortion?

Leticia said...

The ACOG by encouraging, no pressuring 90% of women whose unborn babies are diagnosed with Down syndrome to abort them late in the pregnancy. In 2001 when I was expecting Christina, amnio was the only way to get a certain diagnosis. It is done at 16 weeks of pregnancy, and then the cells have to develop for 3-4 weeks, making the 20 week old baby a target for the brain sucking, skull crushing type of abortion practiced by Dr George Tiller.
That is supported by my Catholic Congressman Tim Bishop.
Soon it will be paid for by our tax dollars, if Obamacare is passed.