Monday, August 03, 2009

Abortion is NOT health care

from Focus on the Family
A key U.S. House committee voted down an amendment late Friday that would have prohibited taxpayer dollars from paying for abortions under health-care reform.

The measure, offered by Reps. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., and Joseph Pitts, R-Pa., failed on a 27-31 vote.

Without such a ban, government and private health plans may be required to offer abortion coverage.

Ashley Horne, federal issues analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress are not keeping their promises to reduce abortions.

"They have shot down every single attempt in both the House and the Senate to make sure that abortion funding is kept out of the health-care proposal," she explained.

Horne said the language in the health-care reform plan may be confusing, because it does not specifically mention "abortion" coverage. But the rejection of pro-life amendments reveals what the bill truly means.

"The reality is, if this proposal passes, there will be unlimited funding of abortions," she said.
If the bill doesn't prohibit funding abortion, then it is a thinly disguised attempt at passing FOCA.
We will be paying for abortions with our tax dollars.

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OperationCounterstrike said...

Ummmm, no, you will not be PAYING for abortions with your tax dollars. The government will be paying YOU--in the form of LOWER taxes (or LOWER public debt). A government which pays for abortions thereby avoids paying for childbirth-care for women who cannot afford to take care of themselves nor their children. The births would be MUCH more expensive. In one form or another, the money we save on obstetric bills will be returned to you, the taxpayers.

Leticia said...

It's all about the money, isn't it, Mr.Counterstrike, or is it Beelzebub?
Come out with your real photo, you coward!

Anonymous said...

You know you're doing your job well, Leticia, when the Adversary sends his agents out to attack you personally.

Anonymous said...

Another thing, how does this character's blog get to stay up on this site? Isn't it completely contrary to the posted rules? It's calling for violence against pro-life supporters.

OperationCounterstrike said...

Excuse me, Leticia, I was not the one who brought up the money. It was the author of the article who complained about "paying" for abortions with tax dollars. If you're gonna call someone mercenary, it's him, not me.

Yeah, I would publish my photo, but now that terrorism by right-to-lifers is a CONSISTENT, REGULAR PATTERN, I don't think so.

Will there be PAYBACK for the murder of Dr. Tiller?

Will there be COUNTERTERROR against right-to-lifers?

If a right-to-lifer gets counterterrorized TO DEATH, will that be murder, or JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE?

WHO would be the most effective TARGETS for anti-right-to-lifist counterterror?

WHERE do they LIVE?

Anonymous said...

Some more left-wing moonbat nonsense on population control.

Even scarier are some of the comments after the viewer poll.

TheSnarkyBlogger said...

Leticia, thank you for spreading awareness about the risks of this terrible Obamacare bill. This is a truly horrifying proposition…

Operation Counterstrike, are you really so heartless as to support the murder of children just to save you money?!

Leticia said...

I have to thank Obamacare for getting these nuts to show their true feelings.
Liberalism is a mental disease, according to Michael Savage, in Counterstrike we see evil unleashed.
Let's petition Google to have him removed. Intolerance for opposing views IS against the rules.