Thursday, April 12, 2012

Democrat Mommy State hates competitors

John Hayward on Twitter said, "Ann Romney should understand that the Mommy State does not like to face skilled competitors."
Lots of truth in that response, Democrats are politically successful to the extent that they break up families and keep the single moms dependent on entitlements. Fifty years of abortion on demand, easy divorce and free contraception has left an increasing number of broken families.These vulnerable people need the entitlement programs and thus vote Democrat. They would be better off getting married to stable men who can afford them the chance to stay home and nurture their children as Karen and Ann did.
Solid prosperous families are the Democrat's worst nightmare. Thus the virulent attacks on the Santorum and Romney families. Wonder why the Obamas escaped scrutiny? Everyone knows that Michelle and Barack rode to the top of the food chain on the affirmative action system and that they are its best defenders.
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