Monday, April 23, 2012

Chris O'Brien and I are still voting for Santorum in the CT Primary

Press Release
Who:   Santorum Supporters in Connecticut
Why:   Days ahead of the state primary, Republicans choose to stick to their candidate
When: April 24th  6 am – 8 pm
Contact:  Chris O’Brien, Co-State Grassroots Coordinator, Rick Santorum for President

He’s still not convinced.

Chris O’Brien, the man that stood alone on a sidewalk outside of a rally for Mitt Romney in Hartford last week is still voting for Santorum in Connecticut’s primary on Tuesday.

O’Brien says it is still possible that Romney may not get the necessary 1144 delegates at the convention. “He’s only half-way there. The key to the nomination is in the northeast. This is considered the most liberal part of the country, yet there are still plenty of conservatives here in the party. It isn’t often they get a chance to vote for a real conservative that can connect a variety of issues to the problems of our country.”

Many voters O’Brien encounters say they’re still voting for Santorum as well. “We think he would provide independent and Democratic voters the greatest contrast to Obama and his healthcare plan. Rick also resonates well with women as an honest man with integrity.” Romney is polling poorly among women when compared to President Obama. While many voters think Romney is aloof and distant, Santorum still fills that gap. “Besides – I’m not going to let anyone tell me who to vote for. Its my vote.”

The Romney campaign and Party leaders have repeated Romney’s ‘inevitable’ nomination over and over. “They think that people will believe it. Unfortunately, Connecticut Republicans have a poor track record when we listen to who Party officials tell us to vote for. They’re often rich folks that can’t resonate with the general electorate in November,” says O’Brien.  He points out to the fact that no new Republicans have successfully emerged for statewide or federal office in Connecticut in the past decade.

“Independent voters won’t be hypnotized as easily as Republicans in the November election”, he notes. “That’s why they call themselves ‘independents’”.

O’Brien says that Obama will run a smart campaign to paint Romney as an out of touch rich person who enabled Obamacare. “Where’s the contrast for the average voter who doesn’t pay attention to politics day to day?”
O’Brien says that there is still merit in voting for the candidate who ‘suspended’ his campaign last week. “He’s still on the ballot. He’s still the best candidate. And he can still get delegates.” Even if Romney does become the nominee, the process is important. Delegates will help decide the party platform at the Tampa Florida convention in August.

Santorum suspended his campaign on April 10th. Santorum himself hasn’t directed his supporters who to vote for in state primaries, he told a conference call of 4,000 volunteers this week that “we’ll ensure that delegates are seated and participate at the convention.”

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Agnes B Bullock said...

Good!!!!! WE voted for him in Ohio!!!!