Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CINO House Members challenge Cardinal Dolan to create War on Poverty

from the Catholic League
Rep. DeLauro is the enemy of the poor, thus she has no moral leg to stand on. She has worked to kill school vouchers for children with disabilities and has voted against scholarship grants for African American students in D.C. But she is a big champion of abortion, including abortions where the baby is 80 percent born; she has even voted to fund abortion with federal dollars.

DeLauro’s Catholic credentials include authoring a “Statement of Principles” in 2006, signed by 55 Catholic Democrats. The document made the argument that it is entirely legitimate to be a Catholic in good standing and promote abortion rights. In 2007, DeLauro was one of 18 Catholic Democrats to criticize the pope for his remarks on this subject.

Also signing DeLauro’s letter were Nicholas Cafardi, Daniel Maguire, Marie Dennis and Stephen Schenck. No sooner had Archbishop Charles Chaput moved from Denver to Philadelphia when Cafardi surfaced saying “Chaput would be well-advised to leave politics aside.” But now Cafardi wants the pro-life archbishop to get involved in politics by lobbying for welfare. Maguire is so in love with abortion rights that he has condemned Mother Teresa for her yeoman work, branding her “a firm defender of male dominance.” Dennis is co-president of Pax Christi International, an organization that has blasted the pro-life work of the Susan B. Anthony List. And in 2009, Schenck signed a letter praising the nomination of Kathleen Sebelius; she is an advocate of partial-birth abortion who was denounced by the last three archbishops of Kansas City.

We would be remiss if we didn’t notice the curious relationship between DeLauro and the Catholic News Service which arranged the interview.

Contact DeLauro’s chief of staff, Beverly Pheto: beverly.pheto@mail.house.gov

I taught English as a Second Language in public schools in the ghetto. I know how to overcome poverty, but the Democrats have no interest in stopping poverty, just in creating entitlement programs to keep poor people on their voting rolls. If they were interested, they would offer school vouchers. The Catholic Church teaches millions of poor children, and would happily teach millions more, if we had the funding.
So here is my email to Rep Rosa De Lauro, pro-abort hypocritical,  CINO politician.

Dear Rep De Lauro, 
I am a constituent of Joe Courtney and a former public school teacher in the poor neighborhoods of New York.
 The best way to end poverty is school vouchers. 
But you and Joe Courtney are too beholden to the teacher's unions to give poor children a chance to get decent education, and you support Obama who has completely cut abstinence programs, the other way out of poverty. So, you don't care if the students are in dangerous schools, live chaotic lives of drugs and sex, and never leave their desperate circumstances. 
And yes, abort their babies. 

Some Catholic teaching!

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