Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rick sweeps Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado!

 Santorum is the superior candidate in policy and in his ability to articulate a conservative agenda to heal the economy and society, but so often Americans listen to the media when they annoint someone (Romney) or fall for the catchy soundbites of a candidate with no stability (Newt), that I had trouble keeping the faith that the stellar qualities of Rick Santorum would have a chance in the spotlight. Especially since he was cheated out of his Iowa bounce and is too easily written off by the media. Charles Krauthammer led the Fox Allstars in a group mea culpa last night which was very gratifying!
Let me be clear; Santorum is THE best chance we have to beat Obama.
I watch MSNBC and CNN to see what the enemy is thinking and the left has been lamenting lately that Obama has lost 2/3 of the Reagan Democrats. THEY ARE THE SWING VOTERS ON WHOM THIS ELECTION DEPENDS. And they are up for grabs. Rick can win them. Here's how.
They are conservative, midwest high school graduates, blue collar workers who are afraid of the direction in which this nation is heading. They don't like snobs like McCain who doesn't remember how many houses he owns, Obama with his fancy Hawaiian vacations, or Romney who doesn't worry about the poor. They want a man from steel country whose grandfather was a coal miner, and who helped downtrodden Pittsburgh rise from the ashes. Rick's populist message resonates with them and they agree with his solid economic policy and family values. AND they know that with Rick, what you see is what you get. He is the real deal.

Here is his victory speech. I love how God, Karen and the kids get first mention! He sounds presidential, doesn't he?

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