Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Karen Handle resigns from Susan B Komen Foundation

Karen Handle calmly took Meghan Kelly's questions in the first interview since she resigned from Susan B Komen Foundation this morning. No, she didn't take full credit for Komen's decision to defund Planned Parenthood, although it was a position she took as a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia last year. It was in the works for a long time  before she joined Komen last year. Handel resigned because she has become too much of a lightening rod, distracting from the wonderful mission of Komen. Handel refused the offered severance package and refused to divulge any inner workings of Komen vis a vis Planned Parenthood beyond stating her disapproval of their strong arm tactics after the announcement that they were defunded. Handel expressed her opinion that an organization has a right to decide whom to fund.
I was disappointed that Handel did not mention the fact that Planned Parenthood was funded for breast cancer screenings but they do not do mammograms, and in fact promote carcinogenic birth control and abortions. She praised Komen to the skies and was very down on Planned Parenthood but did not say anything beyond that their strong arm tactics were called for.

It will be very interesting to see what is next for Karen Handel, she denies having heard from pro-life groups but they are certainly pleased with her and may make her the next Abby Johnson. Stay tuned. I think she might even run again for political office, now that she is famous.

Watch the interview on Fox News here.
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