Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just don't buy her a turkey sandwich!!

As an inner city high school teacher in the minority community, I saw it every week. A teacher taking a student for an abortion.They were lauded as heroes in Long Island high schools. Twice, I was asked  to translate Planned Parenthood's lies into Spanish to help ruin my students' lives or risk losing my job (both times I prayed and was spared this choice, a story for another post)
 Planned Parenthood recruited the best and the brightest of my students to be 'peer counselors' or more plainly, marketers for abortions in the Latina community.The bilingual history teacher had a huge poster of his hero, Margaret Sanger on his classroom wall. I spoke  with the students about the ramifications of abortion and was rewarded with unemployment. Such is the state of affairs in your local public high school. But times are changing, thanks to our Presidents's fatal blunder on the HHS Mandate, these evil deeds are up for discussion again. He thinks we are OK with contraception for minors and contraception paid for by the Catholic Church. He is about to get the shock of his life!

Here's an unsurprising article about a teacher obtaining a Plan B chemical abortion pill for a student. Abortions obtained without the underage girls' parents' knowledge is old news. She is the victim of sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood helps her lie and cover up for her abuser, and its old news. But now, thanks to the HHS mandate controversy, a new audience has arisen to listen to the litany of abuses perpetrated by the merchants of death upon young women.
You are getting a new opportunity to show you care that the pill is defined by the World Health Organization as a carcigogen. That the pill is a leading cause, along with abortion, of the scourge of breast cancer, and organizations like Susan B Komen have NO BUSINESS funding it if they truly care about women's health. Don't believe me, read my microbiologist friend, Dr Gerard Nadal. 
Catholics and their supporters against the HHS Mandate have a teachable moment in that the American public has been lied to since the Pill came out in the sixities. Now the nation is talking about the forbidden subject, and its time to get the facts out there. Learn the facts, speak out boldly America!

Women deserve better than the pill.

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