Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Read my article on The Fight to Eliminate Down Syndrome

Yesterday, I posted about the New York Times' fair to favorable coverage of life with a loved one with Down syndrome.
But there is no paper like the National Catholic Register who is an open advocate for the Culture of Life, in all aspects. Thanks to their commitment to the life issues, I have published no less than four articles about Down syndrome and abortion. Down not Out,     Down, Hero Dad and Palin,  and Remembering Jerome Lejeune,
Three of four of them mention the French pro-life hero and geneticist,  Dr Jerome Lejeune, who I believe will be canonized and serve as the patron saint of those with Down syndrome. He was declared Servant of God on June 28, 2007 (what a great birthday gift for me!)

Here is my latest article The Fight to Eliminate Down Syndrome; Eugenics at Work?
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