Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fair article on MaterniT21 at the New York Times

Ever since Amy Harmon's Pulitzer Prize winning The DNA Age Series article "Prenatal Testing Puts Down Syndrome in Hard Focus" I have had a growing respect for the Times' coverage of issues regarding Down syndrome. Dan Hurley's wonderful magazine article on Dr Alberto Costa was another proof that they are giving our side a fighting chance despite the acrid tone of most of the comments. I wrote him to thank him and he said he was overwhelmed with positive emails from his article. I hope that he told his superiors, that more such press would do the paper proud.

Andrew Pollack's piece today on the Prescriptions blog is further proof that advocates of those with Down syndrome have made inroads in public reporting of the issue.Our position is fairly articulated

But some advocates for those with Down syndrome fear the new tests, which can be conducted as early as the 10th week of pregnancy, will lead to more abortions and reduce the population of those with Down syndrome. And they lament what they say is the perception that lives with Down syndrome are not worth living.

 He quotes Dr Skotko's impressive survey on the happiness of those with Down syndrome and their families,
Dr. Brian G. Skotko, a specialist in the Down syndrome program at Children’s Hospital Boston, said that the number of babies born annually with Down syndrome in the United States declined 11 percent from 1989 to 2006. This was during a period when the number of such births would have been expected to increase by 42 percent because more women were putting off child-bearing until they were older, when the risk of an affected pregnancy increased.The reason is that most women who find they are carrying a fetus with Down syndrome, which causes mild to moderate mental retardation, terminate the pregnancy.
 and the angst felt by researcher Dr Alberto Costa who is afraid the money will not be there to cure the cognitive delays in Down syndrome if all the research dollars go to prenatal screening tests.

All in all, its an accurate portrayal of the other side of the ''good news" that other papers are insensitively touting as a "life saving breakthrough." Such language hits me in the stomach like a sucker punch. That's my daughter they're desperately trying to abort!
If only they knew her like we do!

Which is the reason I became a blogger five years ago this month.

Read the entire article here. And please take the time to leave a positive comment amid the sarcastic and condescending ones. So many hurting people used this article about our innocent children to spew their venom!
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