Friday, October 14, 2011

All CT Representatives voted NO on HR358 Protect Life Act

As expected, this week the House of Representatives passed the Protect Life Act (H.R. 358)—which stops taxpayer funding of abortion and strengthens conscience protections under Obamacare—by a vote of 251-172.

Passage of the Protect Life Act is a promise fulfilled to pro-life activists by House GOP leadership. As you may remember, SBA List activists led the charge in petitioning Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor to include the Protect Life Act in its “Pledge to America” shortly after last year’s elections that swept them into power.

Now, it’s up to the Senate to take up the Protect Life Act. We look forward to keeping you updated in the coming weeks on how you can help make it happen.

But for now, I need you to do two things.
See how your Representative voted on the Protect Life Act.
Use the SBA List Action Center to thank your Representative or express disappointment based on how they voted.

After you’ve taken those two important actions, I encourage you to watch clips from the heated debate on the Protect Life Act which was led by the courageous Rep.Virginia Foxx (R-NC) on the pro-life side.

Take a look at the SuzyB Blog to see if your Representative stood up to defend Life on the House floor and watch some of the compelling speeches from the debate on the bill.

As you watch the floor speeches, notice how our pro-life leaders in Congress overwhelmingly agree that Obamacare allows for taxpayer funding of abortion, which is exactly why the Protect Life Act is needed in the first place – and the exact message we worked to spread during the 2010 mid-term elections that have resulted in a federal defamation lawsuit.

Passing the Protect Life Act in the House of Representatives was a step in the right direction, but it’s going to be an uphill battle to have this must-pass legislation taken up in the Senate. We’re going to need your help to get it done!

Connecticut is one of the most Catholic states in the union. The Catholic Church is unequivocally pro-life, yet not one of our Congressmen voted yes. Don't expect any better from our Senators.
We need change in 2012!
Shame on Catholic Congressman Joe Courtney. I hope he doesn't present himself for Communion this Sunday.

NoCT-1Larson, John [D]
NoCT-2Courtney, Joe [D]
NoCT-3DeLauro, Rosa [D]
NoCT-4Himes, James [D]
NoCT-5Murphy, Christopher [D]

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