Thursday, July 21, 2011

Useless Eaters

I was doing some research today for my interview on The SonRise Morning Show with Brian Patrick and came across this website called "Useless Eaters". Written by Dr Mark Mostert of Regent University it is a somber but crucial reminder of how an entire segment of German society was marked for elimination and how those who love people with special needs can look for these warning signs in society;
role of science
power of ideas
complicity of the medical profession
and more eerily, the role of propaganda
Over 70,000 people with disabilities and mental illnesses were exterminated by the Nazis. They were the first to die in the gas chambers because no one cared about them. Once the Nazis saw they got away with murder of these innocent people, then the death camps were opened for the rest of society. 
We don't stand up for those who are small and invisible (the unborn babies) we seldom stand up for those who are elderly and frail, will we stand up for the disabled before Kathleen Sibelius and the 15 appointed members of the death panels, now called Independent Patient Advisory Boards IPAB, make medical decisions in Washington for our families?
She testified before Congress last week and was questioned by Joe Pitts, Paul Ryan and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council who said,
 “This Board, made up of 15 unelected members of the President’s choosing, will be the sole authority over what kind of care–if any–we receive,” he explained. “Starting in 2015, IPAB will be tasked with bringing down medical costs–and unless Congress can find a super-majority to oppose them, IPAB’s recommendations will carry the force of law.”
“The Board could deny payment for certain care or medications, change the service options doctors have, and drive expensive, life-saving treatments out. Instead of discussing the options with your doctor, IPAB will be sitting at the controls in Washington making health decisions for you,” Perkins explained.
“What should control health care isn’t IPAB. It isn’t even Congress. What should control health care is the relationship between doctors and patients. Injecting more government into the equation only punishes patients and squeezes out the cutting-edge science that could treat them. This is just one more reason to contact your congressmen and tell them to not rest until ObamaCare is laid to rest,” Perkins said.
This is the beginning of eugenics for the rest of America. We sat relatively quietly while 50 million of  our unborn babies were killed by abortion and countless frail elderly and sick were starved by having their food and water cut off. Now its our turn, soon we'll be fighting the bureaucracy for our lives, and there will be no one left to defend us.
We deserve it if we allow Obamacare survive this next election. 
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PattyinCT said...

I agree with you 125%!!!

They experimented with the infirmed and handicapped on how to improve the efficiency of the gas chambers. They used to put them in boxes and hook them to the exhaust of cars. It wasn't until they recognized the deadly capabilities of the insecticides they were using in the prisons that they could mass killing on an even bigger scale.

The US is getting there. Just look at the PP Super centers. We're next up on mass exterminations...:(