Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sexual perversion sold to New Jersey teachers by Planned Parenthood

If you want to know what is coming for your school age child in public school sex indoctrination, you need to read this article in "Celebrate Life" magazine. 
Among the most disturbing aspects of the conference held in Somerset, NJ, was the attention given to educating younger children, and the disabled child. My daughter does NOT need teachers giving her sex advice. She may never have the capacity to make such moral decisions, and I want her innocence to be respected not violated. Children like Christina are at increased risk for sexual exploitation, and need to be protected, not desensitized to sex talk as this conference recommends. 

Another disturbing trend is the promotion of sexual exploitation of minors by adults. Yes, you read that right, and it makes me wonder if the adults who want access to our children are not designing this program in order to ease the grooming of innocent children for sexual assault.
 Read this excerpt from a recent article from Celebrate Life. 

A resources ad includes the cover image for Unequal Partners: Teaching about Power and Consent in Adult-Teen and Other Relationships, which portrays a muscular man delivering a fist to the ribs of a scrawny child embracing him. PP of Greater Northern New Jersey’s web site says, “This breakthrough manual helps young people make healthy decisions about relationships, especially those involving the power imbalances that can occur when there are significant age differences. 29 interactive lessons to help young people ages 10–17 . . . [e]xamine legal issues, including ‘age of consent,’ in their own state; [k]now the particular risks and issues regarding adult-teen relationships.”

If your child lives in New Jersey, I think Governor Christie would be most responsive to complaints about this conference, he's already the subject of a smear campaign by the teacher's unions on another front,  a sick conference like this, which provided sex education teachers Continuing Education Credits, is one more reason that such unions need to be reigned in. They are corrupting our children, destroying their innocence and urging them to trust Planned Parenthood who makes money off exploiting their sexual promiscuity,  rather than their own parents,  using our tax dollars.  This insanity has gone on long enough, this is one more argument for de-funding this evil organization. 
Enough is enough!

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