Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Petition protesting slur against Down syndrome delivered to GQ editors

Jamie Lesley 


July 25, 2011

GQ: Issue Apology for Down Syndrome Discrimination

Over 600 Supporters Sign Growing Petition Asking GQ Magazine to Apologize for Publishing Diversity Intolerance About Individuals with Down Syndrome

A letter and petition was delivered to GQ editors and staff, in regards to a slur about people with Down syndrome, published in their magazine on July 15, 2011. Ten days has passed since GQ Magazine’s offensive and demeaning prejudicial view was available for the world to read, and marks the tenth day, GQ has not apologized for approving this major social injustice.

Discriminatory views, disapproving attitudes, and uninformed misconceptions, about Down syndrome, like the one GQ’s author wrote, is the type of prejudice advocates are fighting against, through the petition, GQ: Issue Apology for Down Syndrome DiscriminationThis effort is in place to help rid our culture of derogatory remarks about people with Down syndrome through public recognition from GQ about their mistake. Disability rights and oppression must be addressed, in order to accept the 400,000 people in our nation, with the naturally occurring genetic anomaly diagnosed as Down syndrome. 

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