Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Please vote for the Church Ladies

 We are mothers who have home schooled our children, and managed to write about it. We have come together under the able editing of Patti McGuire Armstrong of the Amazing Grace series,  and Theresa Thomas to write an anthology of stories called Stories for the Homeschool Heart to encourage other mothers who are homeschooling their children, and we get mocked by the author of another book in the competition at About.com as "The Church Ladies". Such behavior is hardly worthy of a Catholic.Besides, what is wrong with being a Church lady? I've been called worse!

I am proud to be a Church Lady. Proud that my busy friends and I found time to write and share the joys of home schooling and what it has done for my family and the Church in general.  I think our book is inspiriting, funny, encouraging, and faithful to the mission of the family as the Domestic Church.
IF you agree. please vote as many times as you want before March 8 when the competition ends.
Click here to vote. 

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