Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Our 19th anniversary dinner in Tuscany

Alright, we weren't exactly in Tuscany, just at a restaurant by that name.
We went for the first time to Mohegan Sun to a uniquely situated,  though loud restaurant in the shopping mall section called "Tuscany". The noise was provided by the casino's constant music, the Saturday night rowdy crowd, and the rushing waterfall behind us. It was hard to speak to each other without shouting.
Hardly an intimate dinner, but the wine was good,  Francisco's swordfish was outstanding and my goat cheese Tortellini with smoked squash, honey walnut sauce was heavenly. Its a nouvelle cuisine, big plates, tiny portions place, good for the figure, but don't go there hungry.Mohegan Sun has many dining options, you can go to the all you can eat buffets, we chose atmosphere and fancy cuisine considering the occasion.
 We did a bit a sightseeing in the fancy shops, won $10 in the slot machines and called it a night. Such passes for thrills among us old married folk. Then we came home bearing ice cream to celebrate our marriage with the teenagers who were babysitting Christina.
It was a lovely time. Thank you God for my marriage, my home, and the blessing of family.
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