Friday, March 25, 2011

First ever pro-active pro-life victory in CT!

I was saddened but not shocked to read yesterday, that CT has one of the five highest abortion rates in the nation. Such a tragic legacy for what was, a half century ago, considered a fortress of moral values due to the high density of our Catholic population. Legislators used to be afraid of passing immoral legislation up here, but obviously  with gay marriage and high abortion rates, they have won the battle.  But not the war.
 We are one of the few states with virtually no restrictions on abortion; no informed consent, no waiting period, and no parental notification, but that is about to be challenged, according to Peter Wolfgang a the Family Institute of CT: Instead of waiting for more abhorrent legislation to oppose, he is on the offensive, demanding parental notification. We have the evidence in a dozen Planned Parenthood sting operations from Lila Rose at Live Action, (see video here) that sexual slaves are being abused, then their babies are aborted by PP and the underage women are being sent back to the abusive man. The time for outrage, leading to action is NOW!

 FIC’s Biggest-Ever Pro-Active Victory!
The pro-life movement’s #1 legislative goal in Connecticut was accomplished earlier this month. And it happened because of the Family Institute of Connecticut.

The Program Review and Investigations Committee has agreed to a study about teen health. The scope of the study will include parental notification for minor girls seeking to obtain an abortion. There will be a public hearing on the study this summer.

In other words: We secured a public hearing on parental notification!
Our accomplishment is such a delicate matter at the state Capitol that it is only now, two weeks later, that we can even tell you about it. We cannot provide our usual behind-the-scenes report, but we do wish to acknowledge our gratitude toward those legislators who attended FIC’s February 3rd legislative breakfast.

Connecticut is one of only a handful of states that does not have a parental notification law. Though there was an informational hearing on it a few years ago, getting a public hearing on parental notification has been the #1 legislative goal of Connecticut pro-lifers.

Make no mistake: This hearing does not end the roughly 15,000 abortions a year occurring in Connecticut. Our ultimate goal is a state where every unborn child is protected in law and welcomed in life.

But even those who do not share that goal will agree with us that it is a travesty that a minor girl can obtain an abortion without notifying her parents. Correcting that travesty is a first step toward a more humane Connecticut. By taking this step, FIC has secured the first public hearing on abortion in Connecticut in over twenty years.
We are grateful to our allies on Program Review for what they have accomplished. We are also grateful to those legislators who do not yet share our pro-life convictions but voted for this study in good faith and with an open mind. We pledge to work with those on both sides of the abortion issue on our shared goal of protecting the health of Connecticut’s minor girls.   

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