Friday, April 27, 2007

Thinking Blog Award

Alicia the author of Studeo, and contributor to the wonderful homeschool blog, Love2Learn, which has been nominated for not one but TWO Blogger's Choice Awards (Best Religion Blog and Best Education Blog) has tagged me with the coveted Thinking Blogger Award.
What an honor coming from a Thomas Aquinas College graduate, Relevant Radio personality, prolific writer and mother of six!
Now, according to the rules, I get to tag five bloggers who make me think.
minion of the pope
pro ecclesia pro familia pro civitate
The Wine Dark Sea
Happy Catholic
Ego Adsum
Don't forget to visit them to offer your congratulations!
And go visit my other blog Cause of Our Joy, which has also been tagged by Alice of the popular homeschool blog, Cottage Blessings. I certainly have been blessed today. Thank you, ladies!


Coffee Wife said...

You have a lovely blog!


-Michelle Therese in Scotland (An American Catholic married to a Scottish farmer)

Jay Anderson said...

Thanks for the nomination, Leticia.

Love2Learn Mom said...

And I just realized that I meant to nominate your other blog - I didn't really realize you had two - or at least I was getting them mixed up. So now I have both of them in my Google Reader and it's all good. :)