Monday, April 30, 2007

Mexico City Abortion Law Takes Effect, Government Clinics Ready to Do Them

( -- "The new abortion law in Mexico City allowing abortions up to 14 weeks into pregnancy has taken effect and city officials say that government-run clinics are preparing to begin doing abortions. The bill the capital city's legislative assembly approved requires the clinics to do the abortions for any poor person and for anyone having the city's health insurance. The new law gives 60 days for the city government to establish guidelines and procedures for implementing the requirement to do abortions on women unable to use private hospitals or clinics. Mondragón said guidelines could be published by next week and said that 858 physicians and 1,875 nurses will receive mandatory abortion training. However, he said that most government clinics should be able to do abortions because they have been allowed in cases of rape or incest or fetal abnormalities. He said as many as 7,000 abortions had been done annual under those circumstances. Meanwhile, President Felipe Calderon is helping to reduce the number of places doing abortions by not allowing them in federal Social Security hospitals in the city."

President Felipe Calderon is allegeded to be a devout Catholic. How his heart must be breaking, as mine is, as the terrible spectre of abortion clouds once innocent Mexico. I know what happened, the minions of Planned Parenthood have bribed and convinced Mexican legislators that to be rich like America, you have to sacrifice your babies on the altars of materialism. Life has returned to the pre-Christian barbarity of Aztec human sacrifice. Our Lady of Guadalupe, come to crush the head of the serpent once more, pray for Mexico, patroness of the unborn.

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