Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good News for the Twin Cities

What is it about the words, "hard-line new bishop" that make me smile? I feel the loving care of a Holy Father who has heard the cries of his people, and is coming to their aid. The people of Minneapolis/St. Paul have suffered a slow Purgatory with scandal after scandal, and are now being vindicated. The new co-adjutor, Bishop John C. Nienstedt, is a 'clean-up the mess' bishop like Bishop Finn the cool in Kansas City, who immediately took Fr. McBrien's column off the diocesan newspaper, causing the establishment liberals to whine.
Bishop Nienstedt is causing similar howls of complaint. Kenneth Irrgang, a retired priest who clashed with Nienstedt when he was bishop in New Ulm, predicted that Nienstedt will meet resistance among the 654 active priests in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis. "I expect disaster there. "He's a micromanager. He has to control everything. He hews the line from the Vatican without any question whatsoever. He's not a very good people person." Twin Similar complaints will no doubt be heard at infamous St. Joan of Arc Church in Minneapolis, where the New Age reigns.
The conservatives are thrilled: the Rev. Philip M. Schotzko of the Church of St. Peter in St. Peter, Minn., praised Nienstedt's abilities. "Bishop Nienstedt is a consummate man of the church," said Schotzko. "He thinks with, prays with and loves the church with everything he's got. He just follows very carefully the teachings and all aspects of church theology and moral teachings. You'll get a very committed man in that way."
Offering prayer of thanksgiving no doubt will be faithful priest, Fr Robert Altier, who was silenced for speaking out against the diocesan safe-environment programs. Catholic Parents online has been fighting with Fr. Altier and Primary to oppose the terrible "Talking About Touching" program adopted by the majority of dioceses in the US as a response to the priestly scandal, which violates the modesty and innocence of our children.
This is a joyful day for those who have long suffered in silence. Deo Gratias.

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