Monday, October 07, 2013

Scalfari Did Not Record Interview with Pope Francis, I Would!

As of this week, I have been writing for seven years. I began on this blog and quickly expanded to writing articles online and in print, and editing a book of 34 stories from parents of special needs children. I never took a journalism course, because I was an English major and avid reader. But I admit there are a few finer points of journalism I might not understand, however I understand the ethics of journalism.

Number one rule of journalism, if you are going to quote someone, QUOTE THEM ACCURATELY!

I have been honored to interview movie stars, producers and politicians. My reputation as a journalist restsupon my integrity. If I were to interview an incredibly important international figure, like, say the Pope.
I would record the interview (on multiple devices) and take notes.

Got that?

But according this report, 88 year old Italian journalist Scalfari did neither.

Respected French Vatican writer Jean-Marie GuĂ©nois confirmed with Scalfari that he didn’t tape the interview, nor did he take notes, so the text was an after-the-fact reconstruction.

I am dumbfounded and outraged as I think of all the Catholic writers who are parsing every single word in that interview without taking this into consideration. I would hate to answer to God about why I misquoted the Holy Father and misled millions of Catholics. I think Scalfari owes us and the Pope an apology. 

AND if you ever read this, Your Holiness, and want to grant me an interview, I promise to record the interview and take notes. 
Read more about the interview in Catholic World Report. 

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