Friday, July 12, 2013

Daughter of Holocaust Survivor "Addresses" the Mob in the Texas Abortion Hearing

Here is a guest post by a good and brave friend of mine, Peggy Clores whose mother was a Holocaust Survivor.
And so we descend further into the abyss of darkened consciences. I gave you more credit, Ladies.

Throughout these decades of legalized mass murder-55 million Americans that we know about-I have often spoken and written about the fact that when the pictorial records of Hitler's heartless crimes against humanity emerged, the world was aghast that this had happened "on our watch". Repeatedly I have insisted that the pictorial horror of abortion was a critical component in confronting the reality of the pro-choice argument and eliciting the re-assement of consciences.

I was wrong. At least when it came to the consciences of the mob in the Texas chamber and all those in the blogosphere cheering them on.

Only months after the Gosnell "House of Horrors" was made known to the world( by those who still have integrity and right conscience in journalistic reporting) we have this savage display of women screaming for their bloody "rights". That's all we can call it at this point in connection to the 20-week ban they were opposing. What have we become? When my mother watched the Nazi's toss babies in the air and shoot them for target practice or swing them by their feet and bash their skulls against a tree, she could never have envisioned that one day-in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave-that beautiful women who were made for authentic greatness and empowerment would be reduced to this. I used to say "they don't know". They don't know that heads are being ripped off and babies are being tortured in abortion chambers and being flushed down toilets or thrown in the trash.

I can't give you that benefit of the doubt now, Ladies.

Yet all is not lost. Not at all. Just ask any of the countless young women(and men!) who are the survivors of America's Abortion Holocaust -otherwise self-proclaimed The Pro-Life Generation. They know that they have managed to survive a wipe out of one third of their generation! Literally one third. They have heard the grave regrets of the countless physically, psychologically, and spiritually broken women who were victims of mass feminist indoctrination that rivaled any of Hitler's rationalizations for placing millions in ovens. They have witnessed the heroic action on the part of generations of pro-life women and men who have selflessly and sacrificially supported women and their babies and picked up the broken pieces. They understand that the only distinction between Planned Parenthood and the Gosnell clinic is that it is a cleaner "Gas chamber" facility and the largest Abortion Provider in our nation. Period.

Above all, they have seen the pictures and, thanks be to God, find them unconscionable.

In contrast to the uncivilized display inside the Texas Capitol, half a million of them humbly and peacefully march annually in Washington on the anniversary of the day that America lost it's moral compass and sanctioned decades of mass murder.

My dear American sisters, it's time to stop screaming and know that we truly love you. Be not afraid. You deserve better. Much, much, better.


Peggy Clores is a columnist for Amazing Catechists and the Adult Education Co-Coordinator at Our Lady of Mercy Parish in the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Her mother was imprisoned with her siblings in Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen from 1943 to 1945. Her grandparents were gassed in the ovens of Auschwitz.

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Anonymous said...

Americans are being given only half truths by the media. The bill that is causing all the screaming in Texas is trying to protect women who do decide to have an abortion by regulating every abortion facility. If women knew about the deplorable conditions at these clinics they would be screaming for the bill & others like it to be passed. We have to keep educating the public on the real agenda of Planned Parenthood and the fact that they could care less for "women's health issues" and only want the money. Women are being used & abused by these facilities & pro-lifers are only trying to put a stop to it for the babies as well as for the mothers.