Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chick fil A Aftershock

Why were the gay rights folks in a state of panic to see the huge response to the Chick fil A Appreciation Day?
Austin Ruse posits an answer in The Tears of the Sexual Left. 
Is this the first time they have ever seen us? I do believe it may be the first time they have ever seen us en masse, certainly on the marriage issue. They saw our numbers when before they only saw the result of elections or the rumors of our numbers but they had never seen us with their own unbelieving eyes.
I live in an alternate universe. A stay at home mom cushioned by a wonderful Catholic community both in person and online, I forget that my beliefs in the sanctity of marriage are considered hateful. Admittedly, I have deliberately surrounded my children to protect them till they can engage the world's ire with love and truth.
That's how those who support homosexuality live, but they live out in the worlds of academia, media and politics. A world deliberately created by the powerful, but it is just as much a fantasy world. Because their world is so broad, they are able to forget that we exist. We are their neighbors and we are exercising our right to disagree publicly with their moral relativism.
The reason we make them panic is that they are not too sure about their brand new stance on gay 'marriage' and the morality of homosexuality, and they need us to validate it for them. When we don't they begin to doubt it. God's laws are written on our hearts and are very hard to ignore. They will down redouble their efforts to force us to agree with them or face persecution. Be prepared for a battle.

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So much truth in these words...thank you.

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