Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is Defund Planned Parenthood Day!

  Fellow Pro-Lifers,
 We need to defund Planned Parenthood!

PLEASE call your member of Congress TODAY or go to their website to email them
If you live in CT here is your information: 
1st District John B. Larson  (202) 225-2265  or (860) 278-8888 

2nd District Joe Courtney  (202) 225-2076  or (860) 886-0139

3rd District Rosa L. DeLauro  (202) 225-3661 or (203) 562-3718 
4th District James A. Himes  (202) 225-5541 or (866) 453-0028

5th District Christopher S. Murphy  
 (202) 225-4476 or  (860) 223-8412
 No matter where you live, you can call your Congressman and ask them 

H.R. 217 - "Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act"
to ensure abortion providers do not receive federal funds under Title10 -  Federal Family Planning Assistance Program

H.R. 3 - the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act."

& Please attend the prayer vigil nearest you (my girls and I will be at Planned Parenthood at 12 Case Street in Norwich) at Noon, this MondayFebruary 14!!!
This is a great act of LOVE for the babies in the video in my last post.

Do it for Jesus, do if for Mary, and may God bless our efforts to get those sex trafficking, child murdering,women murdering money hungry abortion mills shut down for good!!

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