Friday, July 16, 2010

HHS vows to enforce Hyde Amendment

It s so important to stay current on the latest doings of the Obama Administration and to raise a stink when abortion is funded. The Department of Health and Human Services is responding to the furor, caused by the blogosphere, I assume since it wasn't on the news. I suspect it is merely a coverup, but it's interesting to know that if we watch them and raise a stink when the Hyde Amendment is violated, they are worried.

The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) alleged that the PCIPs were going to enable the funding of elective abortion in Pennsylvania (PA) and New Mexico (NM), and possibly more states. Of the three plans that NRLC could analyze, only South Carolina had restrictions on elective abortions.
The allegations sparked a furor that provoked the HHS into clarifying Wednesday that the agency intends to apply Hyde Amendment restrictions to the PCIPs. This, however, was only after they amended an earlier statement purporting that the health care reform law and the executive order prohibited PCIPs from covering elective abortion

Read the entire story at Life Site News.

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